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Pinned  Smartstones Technology Gives Voice to Students...

Jan 04 2017 11:27 AM | National Autism Network in Technology and Autism News

January 3, 2017- "Smartstones Technology Gives Voice to Students Who Cannot Speak Themselves" - New :prose app, developed by Smartstones, offers an easy to use assisted-communication program which allows kids to associate phrases with gestures such as swiping. The founder, Andreas Forsland, believed other assisted-communication programs were often too complicated and outdated.

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Pinned  Vaccines, public health and Trump: Good policy...

Jan 04 2017 11:17 AM | National Autism Network in Legislation and Healthcare

January 3, 2017- "Vaccines, public health and Trump: Good policy prevents outbreaks"- Recent clusters of outbreaks of diseases such as measles and mumps due to individuals not being vaccinated, show that the false study conclusions and misinformation is alive and well.  President-elect Donald Trump has also made his concerns over a potential link between vaccines and autism despite having no scientific basis and having been disproven multiple times.  Trump will play an integral part in the vaccine debate and here's hoping that science will prevail.

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Pinned  Large study shows self-injury common among chil...

Jan 04 2017 11:06 AM | National Autism Network in Autism Awareness News

January 4, 2017- "Large study shows self-injury common among children with autism"- Two studies conducted through the University of Colorado examined medical records for more than 8,000 children with autism and found that approximately one in four children engage in self-injurious behavior. They also stated that children who engage in this behavior also tend to have mood and behavioral challenges as well as cognitive impairment.

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Pinned  Rhodes Scholar’s Mother Helped Him With Autism...

Jan 04 2017 10:43 AM | National Autism Network in Human Interest News

January 2, 2017- "Rhodes Scholar’s Mother Helped Him With Autism Breakthrough"- Jory Fleming, a 22 year old with autism, was awarded the Rhodes Scholarhip and will be attending the University of Oxford in England. Jory's mother, Kelly, tirelessly helped her son learn in a way that worked for him and through persistence he was able to earn a series of scholarships including the Rhodes.

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Pinned  Not Just Another Social Network- For Parents of...

Jun 18 2015 11:01 AM | National Autism Network in Technology and Autism News

National Autism Network offers an abundance of unique features and resources, the most prominent of which is our HIPAA-Secure Social Network. You may have seen us mention the social network on Facebook or within our weekly newsletter or maybe even seen a link to a video on it, and thought to yourself-- 'Great, another social network'.  We are bombarded with a variety of them from Facebook to Twitter, LinkedIn to Instagram.  All of them allow you stay in touch with old friends and possibly connect with new ones.  What they are not though, is specifically designed for the autism community with unique features not found anywhere else. Click here to watch a short video highlighting some of the unique features of the Social Network.

Launched in 2013, our HIPAA-secure Social Network is the backbone of the National Autism Network, allowing you as parents to not only have access to all of the social features ones would expect, but also create a secure private network for your child where you can easily manage your child's care and therapy. You'll enjoy unique features allowing easy communication with their treatment providers and caregivers, store and share information regarding their treatment such as IEPs, therapy notes, plans of care, etc..., send and receive real time status updates and more.  Now you're probably thinking to yourself- 'Ok, this sounds interesting, but how does it actually work? How will this save me time?'  Glad you asked.  The first feature we'd like to explain is the HIPAA Secure File Storage.

HIPAA-Secure File Storage
In a world where everything has become “Cloud-oriented” your child's private network will can first function as a HIPAA-Secure storage cloud where you can organize and easily access important documents such as medical records, therapy notes, functional behavior assessments (FBAs), dietary/nutrition information, list of current medications, etc... Using an easy to use folder system, parents can create both private and public folders in which to keep and share information with their child's providers. More on inviting the therapy providers in a minute. The ease of having everything organized in one place and online negates the need for over-flowing treatment and IEP binders, scrambling to find a specific document you need for an upcoming appointment, or spending countless hours ensuring all of your child's providers and caregivers have the most updated information about his or her therapy.  Also, the network is HIPAA-Secure. Not sure what that means?  It's a fancy way of saying that National Autism Network adheres to the strict national standards to protect an individuals' electronic personal health information by requiring appropriate administrative, physical and technical safeguards to ensure confidentiality, integrity and security.  So you can feel confident that any information you store within your child's private network is secure.  Now let's talk about how you can use the social network to easily communicate with your child's providers and save you A LOT of time.

Invite and Communicate with Providers and Caregivers
As a parent of a child on the autism spectrum, you probably have a variety of different therapy providers your child works with. The most common we see are: speech & language therapists, ABA consultants and tutors, occupational therapists, developmental pediatricians, nutritionists, school aides and other specialists.  Does that sound familiar? If so, it's likely one of two things is happening: You're either spending hours trying to communicate with all of them to ensure that they are all updated and on the same page, or they are not all on the same page with regards to your child's therapy.  This is where we can really help save you time and increase the quality of the care provided by the therapists.  Within your child's private network, you can easily invite (by email) anyone involved in your child's therapy, including caregivers (friends and family).  Once they accept the invitation and become a part of your child's network, they can easily access any documents you've shared within a 'public' folder (note: We use the word public, but they are by no means available to the public. Files designated as public are only available to the people you have invited within your child's private network.)  You can now easily communicate with any one or all of the people within the private network. You can do this via a private messenger feature or share real time status updates to the whole group.  Your child has an updated IEP you just uploaded? Let everyone know with one status update and they can access the updated IEP in the folder you've created.  Your child just attained a goal in his morning therapy session? Make a status update so his afternoon therapist, teacher, therapist, etc... can use this information.  The ways you can use these feature are endless.  Invited members can also share updates to the group.  Everything is parent moderated though, so you will need to approve any status updates or files uploaded by a member of your child's network.  Now let's briefly discuss some of the other unique features found on the National Autism Network Social Network.

Other Unique Features
  • Preferred Provider Network - As a parent, you have the ability to create a preferred provider network. You do this by simply doing a name search for the various providers your child works with and then clicking on the 'Add to Preferred Providers' button once found.  This does two things: it allows any of your 'network friends' to see what providers you entrust with the care of your child, and you're also able to see who other parents entrust with their child.  As we all know, there can be a huge difference in the level of care provided between two different providers of the same therapy, and when it comes to our children, we only want the best.
  • Fully Integrated - From your social network profile page you can stay up to date on any Forums posts you're following, comments you've made, status updates your 'friends' have made, private messages you've received, and more
  • Messaging - With our private messaging, you can reach out to both existing people in your network as well as people you'd like to connect with.
  • Advanced Search Engine - You can easily search for new people to add to your network using a variety of criteria including zip code and radius which allows you to connect with other parents local to you.  Also, we are continuing to add new ways to search for others to connect with.
  • Real Time Status Updates - Share photos, updates or video links with everyone in your network
  • Custom Privacy Settings - You control everything about your profile including whether or not you want your profile to be searchable.  If you make your profile not searchable, you can only  be invited to another's network by email.
I hope that we were able to demonstrate that the HIPAA Secure Social Network created by the National Autism Network will not only allow you to connect with other parents and family members who can truly understand you and the joys and challenges you face on a daily basis, but through the Secure Child's Network, you're able to both save time and increase the quality of care for your child.

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-Already a member? Log in and click on the 'My Autism Network' tab on the blue navigation bar to complete your profile and start building new connections.

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Autism gene mutation that slows brain activity...

Nov 10 2016 11:03 AM | National Autism Network in Research and Autism News

November 8, 2016- "Autism gene mutation that slows brain activity uncovered"- Researcher team from McMaster University identified how mutations in a gene called DIXDC1 impaired the growth of synapses impeding brain activity.  It is this impairment that can disrupt normal functioning and lead to developmental and behavioral problems. This gene has been identified in a subset of people with autism. This finding could lead to the development of a drug which could help individuals on the spectrum.

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Support helps some children with autism sociali...

Nov 10 2016 10:57 AM | National Autism Network in Education and Autism News

November 2, 2016- "Support helps some children with autism socialize at school"- A study appearing in the Journal of Child Psychiatry and Psychology reveals that children with autism who are in a large class size and with opportunities to connect with classmates may help them increase social skills. The researchers noted that the children who were the most socially successful based on their criteria and showed the strongest communication skills came from the largest class sizes.

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Trump Win Brings Uncertainty on Disability Policy

Nov 10 2016 10:48 AM | National Autism Network in Legislation and Healthcare

November 10, 2016- "Trump Win Brings Uncertainty on Disability Policy"- The lack of information provided by Trump on the campaign trail regarding disability issues along with a Republican majority House and Senate has advocates scrambling.  Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, president of RespectAbility stated "I don't want to pretend this is not a crisis because the fact is that President Obama and Hillary Clinton had very strong ties with the disability community and had very clear plans for the disability community. Mr. Trump will have the opportunity now to engage with lots of people and hopefully this will become and important issue."

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ABA Therapy Difficult To Access For Many Milita...

Oct 07 2016 09:12 AM | National Autism Network in Autism Treatment News

October 5, 2016 - "ABA Therapy Difficult To Access For Many Military Families"- Due to the way  federal officials changed health insurance plan reimbursements for the military earlier this year, it has become difficult for some military parents to access in-network ABA providers for their children with autism. ABA is the gold standard for the treatment of autism spectrum disorders and is used by nearly half of the 26,000 children covered by TRICARE with an ASD diagnosis.

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Waukesha police seek missing, non-verbal 10-yea...

Oct 03 2016 09:46 AM | National Autism Network in Human Interest News

October 2, 2016 - "Waukesha police seek missing, non-verbal 10-year-old boy with autism"- Andrew Ounkham, a 10-year-old boy with autism who is non-verbal, went missing on Sunday afternoon and was last seen running into a large corn field behind his house. First responders utilizing K-9 officers, a drone, a fire engine ladder and heat sensing technology in their search.

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