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Year in Review: Top Accomplishments of 2013 for the Autism Community

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Year in Review: Top Accomplishments of 2013 for the Autism Community

A lot has transpired throughout the nation’s autism community in 2013. Over the course of the year, the autism community witnessed important events, published groundbreaking research studies, developed and released new autism-related technologies, and its members accomplish great feats, which inspired us all. Autism awareness has led to greater acceptance of people with autism and more education about the disorder throughout the nation. In 2013, the U.S. government pledged millions to autism-related research, autism awareness fundraisers across the nation set new records in participation and money pledged, and societal inclusion of individuals on the spectrum is becoming more of the norm as oppose to the exception. The National Autism Network launched our site in March of 2013, the Social Networking component of our community in November, and we have since witnessed our community grow to over 5,000+ members in less than six months. In our “Year in Review,” we invite you to look back at some of this year’s major events, research findings, tales of human interest, and technological innovations that took place in 2013.
  • Major Events - This past year was a significant one for the autism community. Between the new research claims linking everything from traffic pollution to grandfather’s age as a cause of autism to the release of new diagnostic criteria for the disorder, individuals in the autism community have had a lot to absorb and process. The National Autism Network has decided to highlight some of the major events in 2013 that will continue to have an impact on the autism community for years to come.
  • Important Research - Important research studies conducted in 2013 unveiled a number of revelations about the disorder. These discoveries demonstrate that individuals can indeed recover from autism, the environment can interact with an individual’s genes to cause autism, and there are potential clues for the disorder visible in infants as young as 2 to 6 months of age.  
  • Human Interest News - A lot of individuals made an impact on the autism community in 2013. There are some individuals whose autism allows them to achieve the unbelievable and there are others who have overcome their diagnosis to achieve greatness. This section will highlight some of the 2013 accomplishments of the young and old on the autism spectrum.
  • Technological Innovations - This section of the National Autism Network’s Year in Review will focus on technological innovations that have assisted researchers and educators working with individuals on the spectrum. Technological innovations for the autism community can be incredibly hi-tech and expensive, such as robotics, or overly simplistic and ingenious, such as a cooking system designed specifically for people with autism.
With all that the community accomplished in 2013, we look forward to what 2014 has in store for us.


WOW!! When you are so involved in the day to day of your child's care, you don't really realize everything that is happening.  That is a lot within one year.  Good for our community.
Great to see the inclusion starting to happen more and more for our kids and adult individuals.