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'How Can We Tell if Our Nonverbal Teen Needs Glasses?'

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April 10, 2015- "'How Can We Tell if Our Nonverbal Teen Needs Glasses?'"-  This question comes from concerned parents of a child who is nonverbal and may need glasses. Vision problems are common in children with autism, but children who are nonverbal present a unique set of challenges. Fortunately, there is a simple process for professionals providing eye exams to nonverbal children on the spectrum. Ophthalmologist Bradley Davitt, who authored the response to this question, recommends that all children on the spectrum receive a comprehensive eye exam regardless of whether or not they show signs of needing glasses. Signs that children may need glasses include frequent squinting, getting close to objects, or holding them close when looking at them. The article concludes for some advice for eye doctors working with children with autism.