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Congressional Hearing on Autism

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December 1, 2012- "Congressional Hearing on Autism" - A congressional hearing took place on November 29, 2012 to discuss the alarming rise of incidence of autism spectrum disorders in our country. Members of congress gathered expert testimony from two panels. The first panel consisted of Dr. Alan Guttmacher- National Institute of Health Child & Human Development Director and Dr. Coleen Boyle- Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Birth Defects & Developmental Disabilities Director who provided expert testimony and answered the questions proposed by the Congressional committee to the best of their knowledge. Bob Wright- co-founder of Autism Speaks, Scott Badesch- President and Chief Operating Officer of Autism Society, Mark Blaxill- Government Affairs Committee Chairman of SafeMinds, Bradley McGarry- Asperger Initiative Coordinator at Mercyhurst University, Michael John Carley- executive director of Global & Regional Syndrome Partnership, and Ari Ne’eman- President of the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, encompassed the second panel of experts. Each of these experts gave 5-minute testimony that covered various topics regarding the increase of autism diagnosis across the nation.