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Single Mom's Search for Therapist Foiled by Insurance Companies

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July 28, 2016- "Single Mom's Search for Therapist Foiled by Insurance Companies"- This article begins with one family unable to access insurance coverage, but quickly delves into the larger issues that prevented more than half of the 43 million Americans suffering from depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions from receiving help. Reasons varied from not being able to afford it, being embarrassed to ask for help, and an inability to navigate through the red tape. The recent 2008 Mental Health Parity Act was supposed to quell these issues, such as preventing insurance companies  from charging higher copays or setting up separate deductibles for mental health care. The article concludes with a disheartening breakdown of what happens when they tried to contact 100 psychologists in San Francisco and were only able to find 8 psychologists with appointments after regular work hours.