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Doctors Often Ignore Parents' Autism Concerns

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April 15, 2015- "Doctors Often Ignore Parents' Autism Concerns"- A recent research study compared the medical records of more than 1,400 children with autism against those of 21,000 with other forms of delayed intellectual development. For children who later turned out to have an ASD, doctors and other health providers were 14 percent less like to have taken action in response to parents’ concerns about autism.  The study also found that health care providers were more likely to tell parents of children with autism that the child will “grow out of it” or some variation thereof. Researchers found that parents often had concerns about autism when their children were about 2, and discussed these concerns with a health care provider when their children were an average age of 2.3 years old. However, children with autism in were not typically diagnosed until age 5.