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Never Mind Statistics: Adults with Autism May be Happy

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August 4, 2016- "Never Mind Statistics: Adults with Autism May be Happy"- A longitudinal study following 100 boys and men with Asperger syndrome for roughly 20 years yielded some interesting findings. During the first follow-up, about 10 years ago, 26 percent of the 70 participants who responded lived a "restricted life," indicating that had no employment prospects and few or no friends. In the most recent study, 50 of the men answered written questions about their friendships, employment status, and other details about their lives. Despite many social and employment concerns, the men overall appeared to be happy, according to the researchers. Moreover, the 24 men who have autism along with another psychiatric condition, such as ADHD or depression, seemed to have a worse quality of life than those who have autism alone, according to the adversity measure. This result suggests that the greatest hardship comes from having multiple conditions.