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3 Successful Non-Aversive Autism Treatment Strategies

Posted by The SAILS Group , in Research & Autism, Autism Treatments, Autism Awareness, Early Intervention 11 November 2016 · 1,197 views


Among the many challenges that parents face when their child is diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum, one of the most important decisions is how to go about treatments. There are a litany of options available to parents and caretakers, and deciding which works best for their family can...


Factors to consider when choosing the most effective reading materials for autistic children

Posted by child1st , in Learning Style Differences, Education & Autism, Early Intervention 15 May 2014 · 2,020 views

Factors to consider when choosing the most effective reading materials for autistic children When deciding how to most effectively teach autistic children to read, several ideas should be considered: the child’s learning strengths and preferences, the medium you use, and finally, the approach to teaching reading.    
Look at the child first: right-brain dominant vs. left-brain dominant  

What is most important to consider is your child’s natural...


ABA Therapy- Anyone experience worsened behaviors 6 months in?

Hi, My name is Tamara. My son Trystan was diagnosed with Autistic Disorder at age three and we were going through PCIT for a year, he was also going to ECSE in our town and a local daycare provider at the beginning of this year (at age 4). I got concerned as he was presenting with unsafe behaviors (running out of the school, and hitting peers) I worried he...


Learning Style Profiles in ASD: Each Child is Unique

Learning Style Profiles in ASD: Each Child is Unique  
Dr. Patrick J. Rydell
I would like to continue our discussion on the learning styles of children with autism spectrum disorder.  Let me start by saying that not all children with ASD have the same learning style profile.  In the past, learning style has been primarily differentiated into...


Dodged a diagnosis bullet?

Posted by cbarrows , in Applied Behavior Analysis, Early Intervention, Autism Treatments 15 April 2013 · 1,022 views
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When my son turned 18 months and he still wasn't talking, my wife and I started to worry. He would say the occasional mama, but he definitely wasn't talking like his peers.  My wife was more familiar with autism and she worried that he may be headed in that...