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How Shakespearean Therapy Helps Kids with Autism

Posted by The SAILS Group , in Autism Awareness, Autism Treatments, Education & Autism, Learning Style Differences 20 January 2017 · 1,145 views
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It’s no surprise that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have unique needs, and there are now many therapeutic approaches and methods to help these children learn social skills. Since many children with ASD struggle with maintaining eye contact, recognizing emotions, and taking tur...


What “Autism in Love” Teaches Us About Romance On and Off the Spectrum

Posted by The SAILS Group , in Coping & Encouragement, Autism Awareness 12 January 2017 · 1,530 views
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Finding love is rarely an easy pursuit, but it’s one that millions upon millions embark upon once or more in a lifetime. For people with ASD (autism spectrum disorder), it can be even more difficult. Romance is all about identifying and expressing emotions, something that can be challenging...


How Technology Helps Individuals With ASD Thrive

Posted by The SAILS Group , in Autism Awareness, Technology & Autism 07 January 2017 · 1,114 views
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Our technology-saturated world is not all fun and mobile games. Technological innovation has fundamentally changed business, healthcare, entertainment and just about every facet of life you can think of. Like every other powerful, global phenomenon, it has the potential to create great good...


4 Bloggers Spreading Awareness & Hope To Families With Special Needs

Posted by The SAILS Group , in Family Issues, Coping & Encouragement, Education & Autism, Autism Awareness 01 December 2016 · 1,219 views
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Autism Daddy  

What is most noticeable about parents who have children diagnosed with severe autism is their ability to be humble, frank, and among other things, patient — especially with people who don’t understand the realities of autism. Started by 46-year old Frank Campana, whose son 1...


3 Successful Non-Aversive Autism Treatment Strategies

Posted by The SAILS Group , in Research & Autism, Autism Treatments, Autism Awareness, Early Intervention 11 November 2016 · 1,197 views


Among the many challenges that parents face when their child is diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum, one of the most important decisions is how to go about treatments. There are a litany of options available to parents and caretakers, and deciding which works best for their family can...


The Power of Comics: Showing the Autism Spectrum

Posted by The SAILS Group , in Autism Awareness, Education & Autism, Research & Autism 04 November 2016 · 1,236 views

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The autism spectrum has typically been visually represented as a linear progression, with “not autistic” on one end, and “very autistic” on the other. The problem with this understanding of the spectrum is that it oversimplifies a complex medical condition and does not account for the myriad c...


Autistic Student Creates Design Fit for the White House

Posted by The SAILS Group , in Autism Awareness, Education & Autism 28 October 2016 · 1,896 views
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Autistic Student Creates Design Fit for the White House Michelle Obama’s glamorous wardrobe often generates sales for the designers she wears. Case in point, at the president’s most recent State of the Union address, the first lady’s marigold Narciso Rodriguez dress sold out almost immediately .    
But it’s not just Ms. Obama’s fashion choices driving public interest. Upon her visit to the White House on Aug...


Weighted Blanket for Sensory Needs

Posted by jennybyers , in Learning Style Differences, Autism Treatments, Autism Awareness 29 November 2015 · 1,352 views
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Weighted Blanket for Sensory Needs Weighted Blankets MN makes customized blankets at an affordable price for people all over the world. Read the story below to hear a customer's experience with Weighted Blankets MN.

"We purchased a weighted blanket to help our daughter to decompress after her school day as well as to help her to be able to sleep through the night in her own bed. W...


August is a great time for face time with your Members of Congress

Posted by TamieVOR , in Autism Awareness, Legislation & Healthcare, Research & Autism, Family Issues, Advocacy 06 August 2014 · 938 views

From August 1 - September 7, Members of Congress will be from their State and District offices near your home . This is an incredible opportunity for you to meet face-to-face with your elected officials to share your perspective regarding the services and supports required by your family members and friends with intellectual and developmental disabilities...


People as Pendulums: Has social reform on behalf of individuals with developmental disabilities swung too far?

Posted by TamieVOR , in Autism Awareness, Legislation & Healthcare, Research & Autism, Family Issues 04 August 2014 · 1,286 views

By Tamie Hopp, VOR Director of Government Relations & Advocacy in Nonprofit Quarterly   , July 16, 2014

Early reforms were quite properly motivated by the need for a system of care and supports that responded to the very individualized and diverse needs of the entire population of people with I/DD. These reforms, however, also set the stage for decad...