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How Shakespearean Therapy Helps Kids with Autism

Posted by The SAILS Group , in Autism Awareness, Autism Treatments, Education & Autism, Learning Style Differences 20 January 2017 · 1,440 views
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It’s no surprise that children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) have unique needs, and there are now many therapeutic approaches and methods to help these children learn social skills. Since many children with ASD struggle with maintaining eye contact, recognizing emotions, and taking tur...


Weighted Blanket for Sensory Needs

Posted by jennybyers , in Learning Style Differences, Autism Treatments, Autism Awareness 29 November 2015 · 1,418 views
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Weighted Blanket for Sensory Needs Weighted Blankets MN makes customized blankets at an affordable price for people all over the world. Read the story below to hear a customer's experience with Weighted Blankets MN.

"We purchased a weighted blanket to help our daughter to decompress after her school day as well as to help her to be able to sleep through the night in her own bed. W...


What is a fidget pillow

Posted by Robin Tenboer , in Education & Autism, Learning Style Differences 23 July 2015 · 2,008 views

The fidget pillow sits in the child's lap and allows them to fidget without disturbing their peers. They are able to fidget with the different textures sewn into the center section. I have also added a marble maze to the top of the center section. I also make these with chewy tubes for children with oral sensory needs and lap belts for children that d...


Factors to consider when choosing the most effective reading materials for autistic children

Posted by child1st , in Learning Style Differences, Education & Autism, Early Intervention 15 May 2014 · 2,091 views

Factors to consider when choosing the most effective reading materials for autistic children When deciding how to most effectively teach autistic children to read, several ideas should be considered: the child’s learning strengths and preferences, the medium you use, and finally, the approach to teaching reading.    
Look at the child first: right-brain dominant vs. left-brain dominant  

What is most important to consider is your child’s natural...


Learning Style Profile: Are We Interference?

Posted by RMAC , in Learning Style Differences 16 August 2013 · 999 views

Learning Style Profile:  Are We Interference?
Dr. Patrick J. Rydell
In this blog, I would like to discuss a potentially confusing circumstance in which, at times, some children with ASD might view us (e.g., adults or social partners) as being “interference” and then develop a resistance to our “intrusions”...


ABA Therapy- Anyone experience worsened behaviors 6 months in?

Hi, My name is Tamara. My son Trystan was diagnosed with Autistic Disorder at age three and we were going through PCIT for a year, he was also going to ECSE in our town and a local daycare provider at the beginning of this year (at age 4). I got concerned as he was presenting with unsafe behaviors (running out of the school, and hitting peers) I worried he...


Learning Style Profiles in ASD: Each Child is Unique

Learning Style Profiles in ASD: Each Child is Unique  
Dr. Patrick J. Rydell
I would like to continue our discussion on the learning styles of children with autism spectrum disorder.  Let me start by saying that not all children with ASD have the same learning style profile.  In the past, learning style has been primarily differentiated into...


Learning Style Differences in ASD: New Blog

Posted by RMAC , in Learning Style Differences 21 May 2013 · 2,441 views
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Dear Colleagues,

After 32 years of “being on the floor” with children and individuals autism spectrum disorder, I have decided to begin a blog.   I have genuine intentions of sharing my experiences with you as I strive to help professionals and families who are concerned about their loved ones...