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Autism Speaks Grant Programs

Autism Speaks is the nation’s leading autism science and advocacy organization. Since 1997, Autism Speaks and their preceding organizations, which include the National Alliance of Autism Research (NAAR) and Cure Autism Now (CAN), have provided $89 million in the funding of more than 737 research projects and fellowships. Below are links to the various types of research grants awarded by Autism Speaks past and present.

  • Autism Speaks Environmental Grants: These grants are awarded for the specific purpose of escalating research into how environmental factors are affecting autism spectrum disorders.

  • Autism Speaks Epidemiology Grants: These grants are created with the purpose of promoting collaboration among researchers working in the various fields affiliated with autism spectrum disorders.

  • Autism Speaks Pilot Grants: These grants are awarded for smaller, preliminary studies that test the feasibility or enhance the design of a more comprehensive research project.

  • Autism Speaks Predoctoral Grants: These grants promote a career in the field of autism research by supporting cutting-edge research under the mentorship of leading researchers.

  • Autism Speaks Treatment Grants: These grants are awarded to studies that test the efficacy of current and newly developed treatments including drugs, interventions, and therapies.