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Autism Diet & Nutrition: Which Diet is Right For My Child Diagnosed with Autism?

1hr :01min :54sec

The first goal for every parent of a child on the spectrum is to get him/her back to being healthy inside out so he/she could respond to therapies with mental sharpness and maximum retention.

Faye Elahi, MS, MA, an internationally known special needs nutritionist, discusses the most challenging topics in the world of Autism diet and offers practical solutions that have a proven track record. The topics discussed in the webinar are:

» What food allergy and other biomedical tests are necessary to assess an ASD child's nutrition status?
» When is the best time to start the Gluten & Casein free diets? Do I stop the gfcf diet when I see positive results ?
» Is it safe to give an ASD child soy, corn or sugar based products? Why or why not?
» What test is most reliable for identifying yeast overgrowth? What is the best anti-candida regimen?
» Faye's favorite gluten & casein free Pantry staples that are must haves when packing lunches.

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Bio-Nutrient Therapy: An Evidence-Based Model for Autism Recovery

0hr :44min :15sec

Discover how advanced nutrient therapy can significantly improve cognition, speech, and socialization in a child on the autism spectrum. Learn about the science behind this evidence-based therapy, which aims to reduce brain inflammation, oxidative stress, and normalize a child’s brain-body chemistry. Topics include information on distinctive biochemical imbalances including undermethylation, copper overload, elevated toxic metals, and other significant nutrient deficiencies and overloads. Genetics, epigenetics and environment will be discussed including gastrointestinal (GI) tract issues such as malabsorption, food sensitivities, and yeast overgrowth.

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Issues Facing Siblings of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: The Balancing Act in Family Life

0hr :58min :03sec

Parents often wonder and worry about how raising a child with autism affects their other children. In this webinar, psychologist Dr. Robert Naseef helps parents explore their own sibling relationships to understand the impact of their child's special needs has on their more 'typical' brothers and sisters. Listen to pick up strategies for meeting everyone's needs.

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Special Needs Trusts: Planning for Your Child’s Future

0hr :36min :04sec

For families and friends who care for a loved one with a disability, the thought of not being there someday can be overwhelming. The need to deal with the “here and now” demands of daily life may delay families from doing the necessary planning for the future.

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TeachMe Skills, developed by Operant Systems

0hr :33min :35sec

TeachMe Skills, developed by Operant Systems, is a patented software platform that moves all record keeping and administration to a centralized electronic database. Real-time data collection enables the treatment providers to monitor therapies, rate and fluency of client’s responses, and the accuracy of individual treatment plans. The treatment provider can plan out their lesson goals based on standard assessment tools, observe that child as they work towards these goals, record skills acquisition, analyze session data by generation progress reports and graphs, and modify these goals based on collected data. The TeachMe Skills app records both one-on-one and group settings and generates billing information. The simplicity, mobility, and efficiency of this system allow the user more time to focus on their clients. The data generated is stored on their HIPAA secure server and works on iPhone, iTouch, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Tablet Devices, PC/Mac, laptops, and desktops. Share data collected from therapy sessions with other treatment providers, educators, and family members easily with data export feature.

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6 Questions to ask during an IEP meeting

0hr :23min :59sec

Ensuring your child receives the services at school that he or she needs is extremely important. Unfortunately, at times, these services are not made available to your child by the school system. This webinar will discuss 6 questions to ask during an IEP meeting to help you negotiate the necessary services for your child.

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Confidence and Goal Getting!

0hr :17min :01sec

Asperger Experts, Danny and Hayden, share strategies on building confidence and goal setting for individuals with Autism and Asperger Syndrome. These strategies can be used by both individuals on the spectrum and their parents. Both Danny and Hayden are committed to empowering those on the spectrum through their research into success and personal development.

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Spectacular Bond

0hr :42min :09sec

The Spectacular Bond Program is a unique home-based, parent-led behavioral intervention designed for children with autism. This program was developed by faculty at Columbia University and offers parents an intervention which can provide more meaningful social interaction, reductions in “stimming”, improved attention and diminished temper tantrums. This webinar will introduce the components of the Spectacular Bond Program and provide resources for additional information.

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Rethinking Masculinity: Fathers of Children with Autism

0hr :44min :24sec

This webinar will bring re-examine the father role as parent of a child with Autism.

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Sensory Integration: How will it help your child with autism

0hr :15min :34sec

This introductory webinar to sensory integration will help you understand how the various sensory systems influence neurology and function as well as how to pinpoint whether sensory processing is affecting function within the classroom.

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