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Community Grants

  • Foundation/Organization: Autism Speaks

Type: Autism Speaks Community Grants

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://www.autismspe...ommunity-grants

Description: These grants are awarded to proposals that serve to build the field of services for individuals with autism and expand the capacity to effectively serve the growing autism community. Since 2007, Autism Speaks has awarded $3.3 million in Community Grants to 157 organizations across the country.

  • Foundation/Organization: Autism Speaks

Type: Autism Speaks Neighborhood Grant Program

Location: Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah

Website: http://www.autismspe...ts/neighborhood

Description: The Neighborhood Grant Program is a relatively new partnership between Autism Speaks and Sprouts Farmers Market to raise awareness and funds through an in-store Puzzle Piece Campaign. The grant program is available only available to organizations that serve the autism community in Arizona, California, Colorado, Oklahoma, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, and Utah and Sprouts customers have donated more than $700,000 since the program’s inception.

  • Foundation/Organization: Sierra Health Foundation

Type: Responsive Grants Program

Location: California

Website: http://www.sierrahealth.org/

Description: Applicants for these grants are liable to receive up to $15,000 to support projects and programs that improve health and quality of life for individuals living throughout their 26-county funding region.

  • Foundation/Organization: Sierra Health Foundation

Type: Respite Partnership Collaborative

Location: California

Website: http://www.sierrahealth.org/rpc

Description: The Respite Partnership Collaborative is a public-private partnership of the County of Sacramento, Division of Behavioral Health Services, Sierra Health Foundation: Center for Health Program Management and the community at large. The goal of the Respite Partnership Collaborative (RPC) is to increase local mental health respite service options to offer alternatives to hospitalization for community members experiencing a crisis in Sacramento County.

  • Foundation/Organization: Autism Cares

Type: Financial Support Awards

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://www.autismcar...k.BD21/Home.htm

Description: Financial Support Awards provide financial relief up to $1,000 for individuals with ASD and their families to help cover costs associated with critical living expenses such as housing, utilities, car repair, funeral expenses, and other essential items on a case-by-case basis.

  • Foundation/Organization: iHelp for Special Needs Kids

Type: iHelp for Special Needs Kids

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://www.ihelpfors...n_iPad_App.html

Description: If your family, school or someone you know could greatly benefit from receiving an iPad/iPod Touch and/or Apps, and you are interested in helping to raise the funds to purchase the assistive technology you need, please complete the application form you are interested in: personal use application or school use application

  • Foundation/Organization: Autism Delaware

Type: Autism Delaware Community Grant

Location: Delaware

Website: http://www.delautism...ndStipends.aspx

Description: Autism Delaware will accept proposals for grants (worth up to $2,000) from community organizations that align with Autism Delaware’s mission and goals.

  • Foundation/Organization: The Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Foundation

Type: Community Grant

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://www.thetowerf...m/WhatWeFund/ID

Description: Grants will be awarded to projects that show the greatest promise of advancing the community embrace of persons with intellectual disabilities and provide them with a full-range of supports and opportunities to engage in community life.

We will be continuing to add to this list as we find new grants so please check back.