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Technology Grants

  • Foundation/Organization: Danny's Wish

Type: iPads for Autism

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://www.letschata...sm-application/

Description: Our goal for this campaign is to raise $50,000 to supply approximately 100 iPads to those children affected and in need the most.

  • Foundation/Organization: Apps for Children with Special Needs

Type: iPads 4U

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://a4cwsn.com/jo...unity/ipad2-4u/

Description: Apps for Children with Special Needs would like to provide iPads to as many families dealing with Special Needs as we possibly can. We will be starting a campaign to raise money as well as contributing money from the site in order to do this.

  • Foundation/Organization: HollyRod Foundation

Type: Gift of A Voice Program

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://www.hollyrod.org/

Description: In 2010, HollyRod introduced the “Give the Gift of Voice” campaign, providing tablet computers and specially-designed apps to help give a voice to those that are non-verbal or minimally verbal. While these individuals may not be able to speak, they have much to say and through the “Give the Gift of Voice” campaign, they can now make their voice heard. It is our commitment to continue this program so that every individual living with autism has a voice.

  • Foundation/Organization: Conover Company

Type: Conover Mobile Technology Grant

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://education.con.../mobile/grants/

Description: Individuals, parents, caretakers, teachers, counselors, religious leaders, private organizations and public organizations within the United States are eligible to apply for this grant. The grants are currently targeted to the use of iPod and iPad devices to assist individuals in improving their ability to function independently in their homes, schools, workplaces and communities. Successful grantees will receive either an iPod or an iPad preloaded with all Conover Company Functional Skills System videos to assist individuals in developing freedom and independence.

  • Foundation/Organization: Different Iz GoodTM

Type: Gift a Voice

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://differentizgo...g/gift-a-voice/

Description: Provides the gift of an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad to enhance the communication of non-verbal individuals. To appl, individuals must reside in the United State of America, must be speech impaired, must be in financial need, and must agree to donate the device back to the foundation if it does not help the individual communicate. Families in NEVADA will receive priority.

  • Foundation/Organization: The Hearing Impaired Kids Endowment Fund

Type: Hearing Aid Grants

Location: Nationwide/Worldwide

Website: http://www.thehikefu...ormsPortal.html

Description: The grants are available to children under the age of twenty who have been identified as 1) having a need for a hearing aid or an assistive listening device and 2) having a financial need can benefit from HIKE.

  • Foundation/Organization: App Facilitator Program

Type: App Facilitator Program

Location: Nationwide

Website: http://www.itaalk.or...orprogra m.html

Description: The App Facilitator Program was created to provide assistance for families, individuals and service providers in obtaining an App or Program that would otherwise be unattainable for the family.

  • Foundation/Organization: Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism

Type: Allison Keller iPad Program

Location: New England, New York, and New Jersey

Website: http://www.dougfluti...Pad-Program.asp

Description: The Allison Keller iPad Program was created in honor of Flutie Foundation's Board member Kevin Lane Keller's daughter Allison to help fill the financial and technological gap for schools and organizations that assist individuals with autism. Through this program, the Flutie Foundation will grant a limited number of iPads to schools and organizations for programs specifically serving individuals with autism that have an established technology program in place utilizing the iPad, or have expressed an interest in starting a program using the iPad.

  • Foundation/Organization: Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism

Type: The Flutie Family Safe & Secure Project

Location: New England

Website: http://www.dougfluti...ure-Project.asp

Description: The Foundation and LoJack SafetyNet will be donating a limited quantity of SafetyNet Bracelets and one-year subscriptions to the SafetyNet service covering the initial registration fee of $99 and one year of service ($360 value) to caregivers of individuals with autism in New England with a history of wandering who could not otherwise afford them. Familes/Caregivers