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DSM- 5 - How are you affected by the changes?


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National Autism Network

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 10:18 AM

We would love to hear about your experiences with the new DSM-5 changes.  Please share your thoughts here.

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Posted 01 August 2013 - 04:11 PM

Unless one has done some extensive study, as in qualified as "expert" -- be it managed care policy, insurance, hospital services administration, think tank analyst orientated, or without any formal discipline training up to speed in the before mentioned fields but, one personally committed in some extensive DSM purview orientation; it seems to me that the forum question, "DSM- 5 - How are you affected by the changes?" is a tough question to answer. While, I do not fall into any of the before mentioned modals, perhaps at some point in time I might qualify.  Still, it has been said (a number of times in fact) to me that I did do some falling, "between the cracks."  Before the DSM-5 version, some years back before my college years and certainly before I knew anything about autism -- and it is hard for me to convey it here with a prose format;  I went on about going in and out of emotive-secure realms.  Each physical space, just the arrival and departure, minutes if not seconds into that stay transformed me into a task-space specific 'person' -- but it was was never different 'me's', just different me outlets.  Those world bubbles, I desperately miss.  In those bubbles, nothing outside, existed -- and that is the hardest idea to convey.  This is where the DSM-4 missed it's mark.  The 'assessment' looked at some 'place' specific fixation as to figure routine committed -- but that isn't true -- it's 'space' specific.  Love?  My eyes could water at some recall -- it is so fragmented, my memory -- but -- that love for those bubbles, when they were about -- it was, as if, the world reconfigured into a loving fit.
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College changed all of that, in so much as such way of looking at my environment had evolved -- not without pain.  Countless drugs, countless, meetings, and years long trail-n-error teased out what I had not before considered; all of the dysfunction, social, before and during college began to have things in common I had not considered till then; high functional autism.  That road to health care service for the mild autistic, after years, slowly has begun shaping into a functionality-pivot.  
The challenges, for those whom have yet to traverse that road:                                                                                                                                   I should warn you; the obstacles that await are not for the faint of heart.  In that respect, the DSM-V cuts both ways -- mostly of better guidance help.  As it stands, however, (for me at least) there is in a general mind-set (ironic) a lack of some due diligence because the guidelines are not well grounded.  One one hand, it is true that, for instance with respect the administration arm of VA hospitals, that reconfiguration of the DSM did grant more some increased procedure alignment as some common language amendment.  It didn't exist for them before the DSM-V -- period.  That said, on the other hand, I don't wish it on anyone to traverse the road I have traveled.  If one does not see you sitting in a wheelchair or in some other apparent mal-adaptive physical posture -- as the case your high-functional autistic -- even along this improved DSM, you're in for a world of harm unless, well, well, well, supported.  A non-white while not of the economically privileged?  (as in case after case after case non-diagnosed I have encountered)  Well, all I can tell that soul looking at such road of struggle; the faster you ditch the centration modal, the less pain awaits you later on.  Unless the social circle about can cash in on that task fixation, you will eventually find yourself shunned -- and even if they can exploit that skill, that social circle (neurotypical) requires positionality upkeep (aka ego/persona stroking), whereas that fixation, ie more attention the thing than of persons, will at some point trigger rejection or some form of neglect.  The epistemological self (Klein, 2013) is socially constructed, and unless you were lucky enough to get the appropriate help in discerning the "right label" (jerk-off, CSULA) you will at some point be pushed into a really tough choice as to projection from the ontological-self.   Hide that social attitude (true) in order to get along (no; visceral response to stimuli or action isn't neurotypical -- you're allergic), and it will cost you tenfold later.  True, reveal those low tolerances and those fixations; and without doubt the world turns "uncivilized" -- even bullying -- and true, your chances of employment (of late) are not good inter alia. Again, the DSM-V doesn't pass with flying colors at is relates to risk mitigation, or attending workplace sensitivity (in BOTH directions), or even at arriving at salient reference with respect ASD.  All true.  Hence, I don't know HOW the DSM-V has been a clear help or harm, just that I have some idea. Even so, the science, is getting better, my best guess.  Meanwhile, I have no employment, no home, and no friends.  That said; today's a new day and it, without doubt, is a day better than yesterday, and so tomorrow -- even without bubbles -- looks promising.  The DSM shoulkd be granted some credit for that, improvement.  I share herein this [URL linked] video >> fromday << that I made, really as reminder to myself.  If and when things get, unpleasant, maybe it then resounds for the ASD soul -- I hope it does relieve another as it has for me.   The media project that I created, "fromday" (Jetmir, 2013), is an eight second time-lapse of two hours dusk into the night, like a mental slipstream bubble view. :blink:

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Posted 25 February 2017 - 04:52 AM

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Posted 27 June 2017 - 01:49 AM

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